Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight #21 – Christmas Cracker

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Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight #21
Christmas Cracker 2009

1. Dan Elson – Kicking Off

2. Thomas-Joseph & Murphy – Power of Persuasion

3. Adam Ritchie – Chasing Dancers

4. The 10p Mixes – Christmas No 1

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There is no Liverpool Acoustic Live gig this month, so instead the Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight is featuring a number of acoustic tracks from local artists to help fill the gap. Thanks to Dan Elson, T-J & Murphy, Adam Richie, and The 10p Mixes for helping out.

Liverpool Acoustic Live will be back on January 22nd with a line-up of Naomi Mather, Andy Chandler, Suzanne Jones, and Sparkwood & 21.

Dan Elson

You’re probably like Dan….. sick of pretentious indie bands, boring singer/songwriters, egotistical rappers, and generally crap gigs.

Dan Elson is Dan Elson’s answer to dull music. Instead of doing what everyone else was doing he decided to cheer the hell up and bring a little bit of the bop back to gig venues across Liverpool.

Dan has been delighting audiences with silly rock, pop and ska tunes on his own with an acoustic guitar, or sometimes with a trumpet player named Keegwad, more often with a drummer called Al, and recently with a bass player called Mr Seaman. Together they will play your gig/party/event for a good time and a friendly smile, bringing with them some good quality entertainment, and some tunes to which you may wish to dance.

WARNING: You may not like Dan Elson if you have no sense of humour, are four feet up your own arse, or have no ears.

Dan Elson and The Rhythm Pixies have a brand new EP. Email danelsonmusic@live.co.uk to buy one for only £3! Even better get one for only £2 at any of his live shows!

Dan appeared on the Music Review with Victoria Derbyshire on BBC Radio 5 Live on 26th October 2009. Just for your pleasure you can download the show here or listen online here (not available for email subscribers).

And don’t forget you can get some lovely new acoustic tracks for free, as Dan’s Christmas present to the rest of the world, from www.reverbnation.com/danelson

Thomas-Joseph & Murphy

T-J & Murphy have certainly had a busy year gigging all over the city and beyond. Not only have they been playing as a duo, they’ve also been playing with their new band.. Ted Guy (Harmonica/ Slide guitar), Jake Foord (Bass), Mark Byrne (Drums), and Alison Campbell (Viola, Piano).

Don’t forget to buy your own copy of the fabulous album Weary Nights from CD Baby and you can read Liverpool Acoustic’s review of the album here.

Adam Ritchie

Adam was born and raised in Crosby, and loves his home town of Liverpool with its incredible musical heritage. He started jamming in a local pub aged 18, and shortly after joined the band Barfinkle. With Barfinkle he played over 100 gigs, including the first Hub Festival and the switching on of Liverpool’s Christmas lights.

Adam has since gone solo, and has recently finished recording at Elevator Studios in the city.

“A strong voice coupled with technical wizardry with a strong sense of melody and a free heart felt style. Adam’s music uses classical phrases mixed with blues and honk tonk licks that bring the rhythm of the music to the forefront.”

The 10p Mixes

The 10p Mixes are all about making pop music, drinking pear cider &eating; sweets.

“We are an indie-pop group, currently playing as an acoustic duo. We have good melodies, interesting lyrics and unusual harmonies, or so it has been said. We write songs about things that are meaningful to us, such as being skint, wearing a coat, and the notorious antics of the French canine population. We like making people think, laugh, cry, smile, dance and sing along.”

Danielle sings lead vocals and plays keyboard melodies, whilst Will plays the guitar and provides vocal harmonies. They are currently looking for a bass player to go with them and their new drummer, Keith.

You can buy music from The 10p Mixes, including their new mini-album Bedroomsound, at last.fm/music/The+10p+Mixes

Liverpool Acoustic Spotlight #21 – December 2009

If you get the chance, please support your local artists by emailing them, joining their mailing lists, leaving them comments, going to their gigs, and buying their music direct from them where possible.

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