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NEWS BLAST #16 [4/4/12]

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is here to fill your life with snippets of news from the local scene and further afield. If you’re a musician or a follower of acoustic music then there’s sure to be something here of interest. 

  • LIVE MUSIC BILL – No, that’s not the name of a 1940s big band leader – it’s a piece of legislation that’s been passed by parliament and has now become law. And it’s good news for a change. Venues up to a capacity of 200 in England and Wales will no longer need to apply for permission to put on live music between 8am and 11pm. Read the lowdown here.
  • BRAND NEW START – There was some discussion online a couple of month back when a proposed newspaper feature on a local band was dropped by a music journalist because they didn’t have a decent publicity photo to go alongside the article. Quite right too. If you are a musician or in a band and you’re serious about getting your music the exposure it deserves then you need to get serious about doing the things that need to be done in order to reach that goal. Much of what’s required is centred around your brand, and a recent article by Mark Knight at Right Chord Music hits most of the necessary nails on the head. Check it out here.
  • LIKE TO LISTEN? – Lots of bands and musicians have music apps from the likes of Reverbnation, Soundcloud, MySpace, Bandcamp and CD Baby installed on their facebook page as an easy way for their fans to hear their music. Some of these apps give the option of blocking the music unless the listener (at this stage a potential listener) ‘likes’ the page (known as ‘likegating’). If you’re considering using this approach, don’t. And here’s why.
    > If you music isn’t blocked and someone listens to it and likes what they hear then they’re likely to hit that lil’ ole ‘like’ button automatically. Bingo! A new, genuine fan!
    > If someone clicks the ‘like’ button so they can listen to your music, but decide on hearing your songs that your particular brand of acoustic techno punk isn’t for them then there’s a fair chance they won’t bother to click the ‘unlike’ option. Bingo! You’re now being followed by someone who doesn’t actually like your music and isn’t interested in going to your next gig at the Zanzi or buying your new concept album on vinyl, and your ‘likes’ total becomes meaningless.
    So the moral of the story is, let ‘like’ mean ‘like’, not ‘might like’.
  • ROCK TO THE FUTURE – You know how it is… You grow up as a kid listening to The Beatles and Simon & Garfunkel, then as you move into your teens and early 20s you get into Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Van Halen, and Guns n Roses. Then you reach a time in your late 20s when you’ve developed your listening tastes to take in Paul Rogers, Fleetwood Mac, Joe Bonamassa, and Vintage Trouble, and want to use these influences in a new acoustic songwriting and performing partnership. If that strikes a chord with you, and you’re interested in writing, jamming and possibly playing in front of live people, then respond to the advert here.
  • BIG FAT FOLKY WEDDING – Hi, my Fiancee and I are getting married October 2013, although its a bit far away were looking for artists/bands to play. Looking for Noah & The Whale, Mumford & Sons, Ed Sheeren type, ideally a good mix of covers and original songs. please email me if you’d be interested Please put subject heading “Wedding Entertainment”. Robert Holt 
  • HOOT SWEET – Owlsworld is a booking agent for US Americana folk bands. They’re looking for promoters to put on paid shows in and around the Liverpool area for an array of touring artists. Anyone interested should visit their website to check them out and to contact them.
  • BAND OUT OF A BOX Hey! I’m looking to work with local musicians to introduce some new instruments into my sound! If there’s any percussionists, cellists, violinists, pianists, bass/double bass players or other interesting musicians that would like to work with me get in touch. Have a listen to my music and read the ad below =) Check out the full Gumtree ad here.
  • MONEY FOR NOTHING – The Musician’s Benevolent Fund has an Emerging Excellence Award open to musicans, groups, and composers of any style. That’s right, grants to make music! Applications are open until 21st May – details here.
  • GO AHEAD, MAKO MY DAY – Mako Records are looking for music to review and reviewers to review music. Sounds like a match made in heaven (or Widnes, as we like to call it). Check out their website
  • SON TO THE RESCUE – Not a prequel to Thunderbirds: International Rescue. No, Son To The Rescue (or even sontotherescue) is a new way of promoting and reviewing unsigned and independent artists in the areas of music, film, photography and such. Craig Hall, the man behind the site, is looking for things to review and people to review them. So if you’re interested, get in touch on admin[AT] and visit the website at

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