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Album review: Ashley Théberge – Ba Doo Day

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Artist: Ashley Théberge

Album: Ba Doo Day



Ba Doo Day is the assured debut album from Canadian songstress Ashley Théberge. Currently based in Liverpool, the artist delivers a set of songs that can be described as melodic folk indie pop. French European influences dominate with the accordion used effectively on several cuts. This adds to the quirky and playful nature of the album. Several of the tracks shine, in particular Tie Up Your Shoes, which recalls the sound of Lily Allen but without the angst. I also detected the influence of Regina Spektor in some of her work.

The gorgeous production and tasteful playing help to elevate the songs and the performances from Théberge are confident throughout. Cherry Orchard is the highlight of the album and features a distinct menacing accordion; whilst Paper Doll makes clever use of her vocals. Songs such as Change The Weather and Lover Stay offer the listener a change of mood and indicates that there’s more to the artist than mere cheerful sentiment.

However not all the tracks hit the mark; Catch And Release being the weakest of the bunch. That blip aside, this is an enjoyable listen. The anthemic title track being a satisfying close to an album, which will surely leave a smile on your face but take note; there is more to Ashley Théberge than the happy songstress who graces the front cover.

The album is available now on iTunes.

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