Album review: Wilson Minds – I Am We Are

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Artist: Wilson Minds

Album: I Am We Are

wilson minds i am we are album

With the air having that cold crispness and as the leaves finally start to fade and fall we can look back over 2013 on what has been a tremendous year for music in Liverpool. With the flourishing of Sound City and the amazing month long LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) the city is still up there with the big boys parading an abundance of musical talent and artistic flare.

After spending the last year in and out of the studio this autumn sees the release of “I Am We Are”, the debut album by Wilson Minds, a three piece alternative rock band from across the North West. Paul Wilkes (Vocals/Guitar) is joined by James Brogan (Vocals/Bass) and Carl Brightman (Drums). The band describe themselves as “modern bluesy dark rock n roll, with a twist of Americana.” Taking influence from bands such as Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Jack White and Bob Dylan the album boasts some guest performances from the likes of Damon Minchella (Ocean Colour Scene, Paul Weller) and Geoff Wootten (The Gorillaz, Beady Eye). A relatively young band, they have a strong, loyal fan base. Paul says “There’s no clever marketing or hype built around the release, just purely great music getting out there to people who still appreciate listening to a full record” With 12 tracks of pure brilliance the album has been backed and produced by Chris Potter (The Verve, Blur, I Am Kloot).

On first listen this album becomes instantly likeable. It opens with Dance Til The Morning, a strong  first track with big beats, a classy rhythm and some enchanting harmonies, and a message that we all have to grow up sometime but lets pretend we’ll stay forever young. Face It Cracks, again is also a big tune with a long guitar intro, haunting lyrics and a fantastic dreamy guitar solo which plays out until the end of the song. I didn’t want it to end. This is good stuff.

Bring Back with an orchestral intro likened to that of a Guy Garvey arrangement. Nicely balanced with a background pulse from the bass. The lyrics remind us all to bring back those times that simply pass us all so quickly. The album closes with Seen It All, a beautifully composed piano intro leading to a strong melody with a nice back beat. Maybe a sarcastic look at ‘been there, seen it, done it’. After a pause Paul comes back with an encore, a gentle acoustic piece with some simple chords and strong meaningful lyrics. The album sounds really good, perhaps Indie Rock/Blues fused with a touch of Country/Folk.

Wilson Minds are to launch the album at an event at The Zanzibar, Liverpool on October 5th with an after show party hosted by Cooking Soup Promotions and DJ Phil Smith (Oasis and Noels High Flying Birds Tour DJ.) The album will be available at the launch and on iTunes from October 7th. For more information and tour dates check out their website

Track Listing

  1. Dance Til the Morning Comes
  2. Face It Cracks
  3. Just Say Something
  4. Bring Back
  5. Merry Go Train
  6. Dark Horses
  7. Alone For This One
  8. My Feelings
  9. No Longer
  10. I Need I Got The Soul
  11. River Flowing
  12. Seen It All

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wilson minds album launch


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Album review: Wilson Minds – I Am We Are

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