NEWS BLAST #15 [7/3/12]

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Human error caused the incomplete version of NEWS BLAST #15 
to be posted yesterday. Those of you who received it via email can either keep it safe as a collectors item (yeah, right…) or delete it in favour of this larger, more rounded (i.e. finished) version. The unpaid intern responsible for the error is being flogged as we speak, although we’ve opted to use soft cushions instead of the more traditional cat o’ nine tails.

The errant email also contained the email version of our review of Rob Rivieres’ single Enough is Enough. It seems the automated delivery system didn’t like the soundcloud player embedded on the page and decided to replace it with rows and rows of the word ‘amp’… If you want to see the review in its original format (and listen to the song) visit the News and Reviews page here.

  • NEED AN ACOUSTIC FIX? – If so, then Acoustic Addicts might be just what you’re looking after. This new series of videos looks at acoustic guitars, compares the sound and feel of different makes, and really gets under the skin of the guitar to discover all about the sound it makes. Check out the pilot show on youtube.
  • IN THE NIC OF TIME – The first names have been released for this year’s Cambridge Folk Festival, and the big story is that English folk legend Nic Jones will be making his first full public performance in 30 (yes, that’s right, thirty!) years. Here’s a link to the announcement, and the festival runs from 26th to 29th July.
  • LOOK! NO WIRES! – This popped up on twitter recently… Yes, we know it’s longer than 144 characters, but it was in a link, alright? “Are you in a band? Do you want us to review your demos? Email your stuff to demos@wireless-online.co.uk, along with a brief biog. Just be warned, our reviewers are probably going to say mean things – but you will get your name, website details and gig dates out there nationally! It’s just a bit of a laugh really…. x”
  • FLEXIBLE FRIEND – Robert Bushell-Lupton, formally of the End of the World Collective and Hundred Monkeys, is offering his skills as a recording engineer to help musicians on a tight budget. If you’re interested, check out the further details in his Gumtree advert here.
  • LET’S FACEBOOK THE MUSIC – Here’s a golden nugget of information that many musicians and bands seem blissfully unaware of.
    Do you have a facebook page?
    Does it have more than 25 ‘likes’?
    Does it look something like this?
    If your answers are all ‘yes’ then visit facebook.com/username to turn your facebook page into the friendly and trendy facebook.com/mygreatbandname
    WARNING #1 – Be careful with spellings because once you’ve picked your page name you won’t be able to change it.
    WARNING #2 – Think before you add dashes (or are they hyphens?). facebook.com/my-great-band-name might look OK but “facebook dot com slash MyGreatBandName” is much easier to say than “facebook dot com slash my dash great dash band dash name” Innit?
  • READING BETWEEN THE (TRAM)LINES – Sheffield’s urban festival Tramlines is now taking bookings for all venues and stages. If you’d like to apply email bookings@tramlines.org.uk with the details requested on their facebook note here. Submissions close at the end of March, and the festival takes place on the weekend of Friday 20th July.
  • LEATHER PANTS, ROCK GODS, GROUPIES, AND PROJECT PLANNING – It’s like a game of odd-one-out, isn’t it? If you’re a musician or band and you want the first three in the list, you won’t get them without the final piece of the jigsaw. Take it from Chris Singleton, Head of Digital Communication at Prescription PR – he knows what he’s talking about. You can read all about it here.
  • 7 STEPS TO BAND HEAVEN – The Make It In Music blog has a useful article about how you can your band can have a better chance of making it in 2012 by following seven simple(!) steps. Yeah, we know it sounds like a diet plan, but it actually makes sense if you read it. Check it out here.
  • MARCHING DOWN TO MATHEW STREET – The application process for bands wanting to take part in this year’s Mathew Street Music Festival is open until 31st March. Applications are being taken for tribute bands, original bands, and new bands with all members between 14 and 25. Check out the terms and conditions on the application website, including the tricky Rule 2 – “All bands must be able to perform live” mathewstreetfestival.org/band-application
  • IT WAS 50 YEARS AGO TODAY – The Cavern Club has recently announced a series of events across the year celebrating 50 years of The Beatles. Check out the notable dates and the events at cavernclub.org
  • BACK ON TRACK – Merseyrail Unsigned is a competition to find the best unsigned musical talent in Merseyside. If you’re a local band, group (what’s the difference between a band and a group?), or solo artist you could win a recording session at Rockfield Studios, plus a gig at the Cavern Club. Entry details are on the Merseyrail website where you can upload your tracks (“insert joke here” Ed). The closing date is 20th April.
  • SPEKE TO THE BAND – How would you like to support the likes of Status Quo, The Christians, Marcus Collins, Craig Colton, or Russell Watson at this summer’s Speke Hall Concerts? The promoters Cuffe and Taylor (don’t they make suits?) are asking for interested acts to apply by submitting a link to a YouTube performance. The closing date for entries is 23rd March, and the shortlisted finalists will play off against each other at the Liverpool O2 Academy on 19th April. Full details here spekeconcerts.co.uk
  • THE BEST PRICE IS FREE – A student in Liverpool is offering acoustic artists some free recording at a studio near Albert Dock. If you’re interested get in touch here.
  • IT’S ALL GREEK TO US – An Irish bar on the Greek island of Zante is looking for a singer for this coming summer. Must be able to keep everyone happy, interact with the audience, and get the party going (their words, not ours!). Interested? Reply here.

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