Local performers in Open Mic UK regional final 7th November

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Some of you might remember back in August we told you all about the Liverpool auditions for Open Mic UK – the biggest competition in the UK for singers and solo artists. Well it seems like some of you followed the lead and entered, because the good news is that there is a whole host of local performers who have won through to the next stage, the Regional Final at the Liner Hotel on Lord Nelson Street on 7th November.

The full list of regional finalists and times is below, but it’s worth pointing out a few names for no other reason than they’ve asked us nicely to!

In the 18 to 25 year old category we’ve got Michelle Strahan, and in the over 25 category we’ve got Suzanne Jones, Jody Cooper, Eden Vernett Showers and Lotzie Weaver. We know that these acoustic artists will do Liverpool proud, and hopefully join local lad *James Foster-Lamb AKA Rufus Hok in the Area Final at The Willows in Salford on 5th December.

Performers will get through to the Area Final based on feedback from the judges and from the audience, and we know that those we’ve mentioned would welcome your support.

Tickets are £7.50 and can be bought in advance from openmicuk.co.uk or from the artists direct.

Here’s the full list.


1 Alex Keirl (Chester)
2 Daisy Valentine (Stockport)
3 Ellen Gallagher (Wigan)
4 Emma Davies (Wigan)
5 Gemma Loveridge (Northwich)
6 Harriet Marsland (Wirral)
7 Hatty keane (Macclesfield)
8 Jessica Bates (Winsford)
9 Jodie Bailey (Biddulph Park)
10 Katie Benbow (Rhyl)
11 Kelly Banks (Liverpool)
12 Kirsty Murphy (Wallasey)
13 Laura Ogden (Holywell)
14 Lucy Hughes (Crickhowell)
15 Molly Griffiths (Ellesmere)
16 Nadine McGhee (Runcorn)
17 Natasha Culley (Liverpool)
18 Paige Phillips (Northwich)
19 Portia Victoria Jones (Liverpool)
20 Ramena Farahi (Southport)
21 Rati Choudhary (Newcastle-Under-Lyme)
22 Sammie Jo (Runcorn)
23 Sophie Bond (Winsford)
24 Sophie Freeman (Warrington)

LIVERPOOL 18 – 25 SHOW @ 4.45PM

1 Anton Denny (Liverpool)
2 Casey Red (Pontefract)
3 Charlotte Redfern (Cranage)
4 Curtis-Lee Munn (Mapperley)
5 Dihoiu Dora (Walsall)
6 Dub.L.D (Liverpool)
7 Gina Harrison (Wigan)
8 James Taylor (Aughton)
9 Jodie Mae (Shrewsbury)
10 Katie Dean (Blackpool)
11 Laura Catlow (Blackpool)
12 Lauren Brown (Southport)
13 Lewis Brannigan (Rochdale)
14 Lewis Harris (Liverpool)
15 Liam Short (Liverpool)
16 Matt Wood (Stalybridge)
17 Maximus King (Manchester)
18 Michelle Strahan (Liverpool)
19 Miss Stylie (Liverpool)
20 Natalie Molyneux (Liverpool)
21 Paris Graham-Jones (Liverpool)
22 Profound Legacy (Crewe)
23 Thomas Oulton (Liverpool)
24 Tom Jarvis (Chester)


1 Alison Crawford (Liverpool)
2 Chris H (Liverpool)
3 Clare Campbell (Liverpool)
4 Dawn Hignett (Liverpool)
5 Doug Fraughan (Liverpool)
6 Eden Vernett Showers (Liverpool)
7 Emma Wells (Chester)
8 George Simpson (Melton Mowbray)
9 Jody Cooper (Liverpool)
10 K-Track (Liverpool)
11 Linzi Stefanov (Liverpool)
12 Lloyd Rock (Liverpool)
13 Lotzie Weaver (Wirral)
14 LP Jr (Liverpool)
15 Mark Bradshaw (Liverpool)
16 Stefania Altomare (London)
17 Steve O (Liverpool)
18 Suzanne Jones (Liverpool)
19 Suzi C (Warrington)
20 Tony Scarth (Liverpool)
21 Will C (Kirkby)

*In case you were wondering, James won his Area Final place at the Regional Final up in Glasgow!

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