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We’ve recently received this message from Alun Parry, and we at Liverpool Acoustic see it as our public duty to pass it on to you, good readers.

This is Alun. I need your help for my mate Shaz.

Everyone in the Liverpool music scene knows Shaz – the music snapper.

Many will have had their photos taken by her and sent on at no charge simply cos Shaz is helpful and generous by nature.

But she needs your help.

She was robbed last Friday. Every scrap of camera equipment that she had was taken from her.

She simply can’t replace it and she is devastated.

I’m asking everyone to rally round and donate whatever you can to her camera fund. Every penny helps so no amount is too small.

Click the link below to visit the donations page.



Al 😎

Personal message from Graham (Liverpool Acoustic)

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Alun for setting up the online donation page for Shaz. I’ve been really heartened by the number of people who have donated gifts both large and small, and by the speed at which the donations total has risen. Let’s see if the Liverpool Acoustic followers can get the total up to the target amount by the end of July.”

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